Who is the Hemp Extract Oil Consumer?

Shoppers seek out cannabidiol products for a variety of reasons. For example, some may be looking for help in managing anxiety, while others may be looking to reduce stress or eliminate pain.

Brightfield Group, a consumer insights and marketing intelligence firm for the hemp extract oil and cannabis industries recently identified another key hemp extract oil-user profile: The Wellness User.

Convenience stores that sell hemp extract oil products have an opportunity to cater to this customer base by considering this user in how they promote their hemp extract oil items.

Hemp Extract Oil Wellness Users tend to be more confident, happy, extroverted and positive compared to other hemp extract oil users. What’s more, they are also likely to be brand loyal as well as big spenders when it comes to hemp extract oil purchases. Brightfield group pointed out that wellness users are attracted to hemp extract oil because they are seeking “well-being,” which they believe the product helps to provide. Unlike many other hemp extract oil customer groups, wellness users do not report any medical conditions — like pain or anxiety — and are not using hemp extract oil for medical purposes.

Wellness users of hemp extract oil are more likely to be multicultural women over the age of 40. Some 53% buy hemp extract oil online compared to 47% of overall hemp extract oil customers. And 45% use hemp extract oil daily or multiple times per day, while 55% use hemp extract oil at least five times per week, according to Brightfield Group.

Gummies are the most popular product form for hemp extract oil wellness users, and 50% report they have used gummies in the past six months.

C-stores might appeal to this customer by promoting the wellness characteristics of hemp extract oil products, as well as marketing that they carry wellness products in general, and keeping hemp extract oil gummies in stock.

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