What Should I Know Before Buying Hemp Extracts?

Organic Practices

Organic certification is uncommon in the hemp industry, however, it is important to look for companies that use organic practices. Pesticides and other harsh chemicals can get into the finished product when the plants are not grown organically. 

Quality and Transparency

Does the company have third-party lab reports on their website? These reports will show you the breakdown of cannabinoids and if there is any presence of heavy metals, pesticides, or other contaminates. If a company does not have lab reports, it’s best to shy away from their product.

American Grown

American hemp is held to different standards than imported hemp. Not only are you supporting your nation’s farmers, but you’re ensuring the product you purchase is derived from a high quality plant.

Check for Isolates

 If you see hemp extract products on the shelves in your local grocery or convenience store, especially if they seem shockingly low-priced, chances are they’re created from isolate. Isolate products have had all the major cannabinoids other than cannabidiol removed. Cannabinoids work best when they can team up, in something known as the entourage effect. While there is some benefit to an isolate, it is dwarfed compared to products that are full spectrum.

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