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Recognize safe Hemp Extract Oil Compounds in the Hemp Industry

Whether you’re in the market for cannabidiol, cannabigerol, or just the right product to bring you some much-needed relief, it’s important that you take the time to select a reputable hemp company to purchase from.

Have you ever bought a supplement that you’ve taken before, but it just isn’t as effective from this new company? Labeling requirements and quality laws fall short in the supplement industry and the same can be said for cannabidiol or hemp.

There are many honest, reputable companies out there that sell only the highest quality products to their customers. These companies are driven by building a solid reputation and creating experiences that bring return clients back to them and again and again.

Unfortunately, on the other side of things, there are the less-than-stellar companies. These are often out there to make a quick buck on the latest trend. More marketing than substance, these types of companies can sometimes fall on the side of dishonest.

So, how can you advocate for your own health and ensure you’re purchasing only high-quality hemp? There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for.

Be On The Lookout For Reputable Companies

When you identify a hemp product you’d like to try, it’s best to first take a look at the company. One reason that we recommend buying your hemp extracts online is that it’s much easier to identify a reputable company online than it is in person.

Luckily, we live in a time where most of us have the internet in our pocket. Look up the company online and check for a solid online presence and reviews outside of their website. If you’re in store, talk to the clerk about which products they trust.

Another note: many hemp extracts found in gas stations, corner stores, or chain stores are not made with high quality hemp. They simply do not have the capacity to create products at that high of a volume that are effective and made with USA-grown hemp.

As you look at their online presence, ensure that their hemp is grown in the USA with organic practices.

Check For A Certificate Of Analysis

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On every bottle of cannabidiol, cannabigerol, or other hemp extracts should be a QR code to check for a Certificate of Analysis. If you’re in store, give this a scan. This will give you a breakdown of the cannabinoid profile of the product, as well as the test results for pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful byproducts that could have slipped through the production process.

Once you determine the hemp is clean and free of chemicals or heavy metals, spend time analyzing the cannabinoid profile. You should see that the major cannabinoid is cannabidiol (or cannabigerol, if it is a CBG tincture), but if that is the only cannabinoid in an ingestible product like a tincture, you may want to steer clear.

Why? Hemp extracts work best when the cannabinoids can work together. hemp extract oil is OK alone, but when it can team up with other cannabinoids, you should feel enhanced relief thanks to the “entourage effect.”

Look for tinctures listed as “full spectrum,” which contain trace, legal amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol for best results, especially when you’re searching for relief from mental stressors.

Broad spectrum is great for those who are sensitive to tetrahydrocannbinol. The Certificate of Analysis for these products will still show other cannabinoids, but tetrahydrocannabinol should be listed as “ND” which means “non-detected.”

Make Sure the Price Isn’t Too Good to Be True

There are some huge price discrepancies when you’re shopping for hemp extracts, especially in gas stations or stores. Why is this?

First, many of these companies sell tinctures that contain a less-than-effective dosage. For daily wellness, most people start at 10mg daily. For the average person, 25mg daily is effective, however some need 75mg or more for chronic troubles.

If you are looking to try hemp extracts for a specific issue, we’d recommend trying 17mg daily to start and working your way up.

Most tinctures are labeled with the total mg per bottle, not by dosage, so be careful. A 17mg daily dose would contain 500mg per bottle. Read labeling mindfully to ensure you’re getting the right strength for your needs.

Secondly, many of these types of companies use isolate cannabidiol instead of full or broad spectrum. Isolate cannabidiol is inexpensive, but only contains cannabidiol. While this helps some people, it does not have the “entourage effect” that can boost its wellness potential. If a tincture seems far less expensive than others, it is because it is made with powdered isolate, not freshly extracted plant matter.

Find What Works Best For You

In the end, you have to find what works best for you. Some have great success with inexpensive tinctures or are willing to take the risk on less-than-stellar companies to save money. If the product works for you, that’s great!

Experiment with dosages and strengths to find the perfect hemp-powered help you’ve been looking for. Reputable companies are out there, ready to answer your questions and help you on your hemp journey.

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