Terpenes Can Improve Your Health

It’s pretty common to think that all of the benefits of cannabis come from hemp extract oil or tetrahydrocannabinol alone. After all, these cannabinoids are the star of most people’s conversations about the benefits of hemp or cannabis. Cannabidiol, the main cannabinoid found in many hemp products, is thought to promote mental and physical wellness and ease symptoms of stress. Tetrahydrocannabinol is known for its psychoactive properties that lends cannabis its distinctive high

The benefits of cannabinoids are continuing to be studied, but many find relaxation and relief from not only cannabidiol but also other major cannabinoids.

However, there is another element of cannabis that seems less appreciated outside of flower connoisseurs: terpenes

What are terpenes?
Terpenes are the aromatic oils found in not only hemp, but many herbs and edible plants. Their distinct smells create the scent and flavor profiles of hemp flower, as well as lend health properties of their own.
Terpenes are more than flavoring agents though. They effect the mind and body too. Combinations of beneficial cannabinoids and common terpenes can create positive psychological and physiological effects.
Here are some of the most common terpenes, their flavors, and their effects:
Just a little spicy with a bit of lavender is how linalool smells and tastes. In fact, this terpene is found in more than just hemp: it is common in plants and essential oils as well.

Linalool is known to be mentally soothing and helps with social situations.

Limonene has a citrus scent and is found in fruit peels, essential oils, and hemp. It’s antifungal and antibacterial, with a bright scent that lifts your mood and eases stress.

Pinene has an herbal scent reminiscent of pine trees and is also found in rosemary and basil. This terpene is known to be anti-inflammatory, helps open your air ways, calms anxiety, and helps with pain.
This fruity-scented terpene has a distinct aroma of sweet fruits like pine and pineapple. It’s known for being anti-inflammatory, sedative, and relieves pain.

CaryophylleThis spicy terpene is found in pepper, basil, and oregano, as well as hemp. It’s floral and earthy with a distinctive warmth. When combined with even a small amount of THC, caryophylle can create a euphoric effect.

How to Incorporate Terpenes Into Your Hemp Therapy

For each hemp product, there should be a Certificate of Analysis available, often by scanning the QR code located on the box or bottle. This Certificate of Analysis will show the cannabinoid breakdown and safety profile of your product, as well as the terpene breakdown. Based on your reason for taking hemp extract oil, like restlessness, stress, or anxiety, try looking for a product that is high in the terpene that corresponds with you issue. When it comes to processed products, tinctures are your next best bet.

Whatever the case, look for products that are listed as full spectrum or broad spectrum, never isolate. Isolates only contain the cannabinoid listed on the package and have had all the beneficial terpenes removed.
Terpenes are just as important as cannabinoids, yet they are tragically overlooked. By incorporating terpenes into your hemp therapy, you can boost the entourage effect and reap even more benefits from your plant-based medicine.

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