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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil

Marvel Roots Hemp Extract Oil is a full-spectrum oil derived from our hand-farmed hemp flower, containing most major cannabinoids, as well as fragrant terpenes and flavonoids ,blended with MCT oil and crafted with care to maximize their combined wellness benefits.

Grown with organic practices

From placing the seed in the soil to bottling our oils, our hemp extract oil is carefully tended using only safe and organic practices. Our hemp flower is weeded by hand, and rather than using harmful herbicides, and we apply  beneficial insects in place of chemical pesticides. Our hemp is processed using only CO2 extraction, to keep our oils natural as earth intended .

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Premium Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Not all hemp extract oils are created equal.

Our oil begins with specific hemp genetics, chosen for their high cannabinoid and terpene profiles well suited for health applications. Our hemp flower is hand grown with organic processes before undergoing food grade CO2 extraction.

The result? A premium hemp extract that maintains the integrity of all its beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for the most potent product possible.

Our hemp extract oil is rich in the cannabinoid cannabidiol. In your endocannabinoid system are a series of receptors—CB1, which supports the central nervous system and CB2, which supports most vital bodily processes like your immune system, inflammatory response, and digestion. 

Cannabidiol, binds to the CBD2 and is thought to help balance these systems.

Combined with other beneficial cannabinoids can lead to what is known as the entourage effect—where these cannabinoids work together to boost its wellness effect.

Our hemp extracts are easy to take. Simply pull the amount of oil required for your dosage into the included pre-marked dropper and place it under your tongue. Hold the oil for 30 seconds before swallowing.

If you’re new to hemp extracts, we recommend using these tinctures daily for at least 30 days to allow the cannabinoids to build in your system before upping doses or changing products.

Our tinctures are mostly used under the tongue, but our users have gotten creative. There are many tasty and convenient ways to work these tinctures into your daily routine.

For example, since our hemp extracts are mint flavored, they taste amazing in your morning mocha or a sip of tea. You can also use them in cocktails, after dinner desserts, or in a minty dressing.

Broad Spectrum CBD Salve

The salve and body oil from Marvel Roots are custom designed to provide targeted relief to key areas of discomfort by boosting the power of massage with beneficial cannabinoids.

Our salve is non-greasy with a soft, relaxing scent of eucalyptus. Our body oil is unscented and glides effortlessly as you work it into your skin.

Natural ingredients from our hemp extract topicals soothe areas of discomfort while supporting soft and supple skin. Our products are all-natural with ingredients designed to give a boost to your body’s largest organ: your skin.

Apply the salve or body oil to specific areas of discomfort or to muscles that need help with recovery after a workout.

For our salve, massage our quick absorbing formula into your skin until it absorbs.

For the body oil, spend time enjoying a soothing massage with a boost of cannabinoids.

Each batch of our hemp extract body oil and salve is carefully formulated by hand to ensure a consistent, all-natural product. Our body oil and salve both contain a blend hemp extract oil isolate. Each batch is sent to third party laboratories to verify the quality, safety and content of our products.

Who wouldn’t want a measured dose of hemp extract oil that tastes great? Our gummies are all-natural, vegan and packed with fruit flavor. With 25mg of hemp extract oil, they are a simple way of incorporating hemp extracts into your daily routine.

Our vegan gummies are broad spectrum, which means they can be used even if you want to avoid the negative effects or stigma of THC. They contain an idea dose of hemp extract oil for daily use.

Simply take one delicious gummy per day at around the same time. If you don’t notice an effect, you can bump your dose up to two after third days.

Most people will only need to take one, either in the morning or at night. Some find they need to take two, but it’s best to let the cannabinoids build up in your system for 30 days before upping your dose.

Brad Spectrum CBD gummies

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