Hemp Extracts Offer Additional Benefits

Besides cannabidiol, two other beneficial compounds found in hemp extracts are Terpenes and Flavonoids


Hemp has a distinct, herbal scent. This is caused by aromatic compounds called terpenes. It is thought that terpenes can also provide some level of health benefit to the human body. When smoking, the aroma of terpenes—much like aromatherapy and essential oils—may boost the mood and lower stress levels in the user. Some believe that terpenes also enhance or improve the entourage effect by working synergistically with cannabinoids. More research must be done to fully understand the effects and potential of terpenes when it comes to their therapeutic benefit.


Commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and the hemp plant as well, flavonoids are rich in antioxidants and help the rid itself of toxins. Flavonoids reduce oxidative stress on the body by helping to regulate cell activity and fight free radicals. It is also thought that flavonoids can help reduce inflammatory symptoms caused by allergies or other immune response triggers.

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