Hemp Extracts and Cats

Hemp Oil for Anxiety in Cats

Everyone who owns a pet has soon learned that it’s not easy to help them coping with anxiety and stress. First it’s very important to recognize the origin of the problem: it is rather easy to recognize many of the sources of stress in a dog, for example, fireworks or thunders.

Way less known, however, is anxiety in cats. Cats are generally considered to be calm, cool, and independent, but it’s becoming quite common for felines to develop anxiety problems.

Cats usually develops a routine and any major change in their lives, such as moving or being introduced to a new pet, can cause them major stress. Less common is for cats be predisposed to anxiety problems and to need extra help to maintain calm.

Fortunately cats are not really subtle and will give to away several kid of signs to indicate that they are experiencing anxiety: excessive grooming, scratching, and meowing, hiding under furniture, sleeping more than usual, eating less, or becoming more aggressive.

When a cat is exhibiting any of these signs, it is important to find effective treatments so that the pet won’t suffer long-term consequences as a result of chronic stress.

In the last few years, following few specific studies, science has discovered increasing evidence that CBD for cats can go a long way with treating anxiety in cats, even eliminating the problem completely.

One of the product is known as Phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil , or PCR Hemp: unlike THC, this hemp-derived substance is not toxic and is not psychoactive, so it’s safe to use on pets.

When the PCR is introduced, it helps the receptors found in the endocannabinoid system to communicate properly, which will make it easier, for the pet taking the extract, to relieve stress and anxiety.

Hemp derived products have been observed to be very beneficial for cat, and owners have found their cat to be calmer, stable and happier, despite the change of habitat of the introduction of a new pet.

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