How Hemp Extract Oil works in Treats and Tinctures for dogs

The pet market is exploding.

Many pet parents swear by hemp extract oil treats for dogs. Whether it’s to treat an anxious pup or provide relief from arthritis, consumers are embracing the pet hemp extract oil market, which is exploding at an exponential rate. Yet it is a buyer-beware market, and unless you’re in California, the only state where vets are allowed to discuss hemp extract oil, you’re probably proceeding without your vet’s input.

Even though your vet may not be able to discuss hemp extract oil with you, you should still let your vet know that you’re planning on giving it to your dog. Your vet may refer you to a professional like a veterinary cannabis counselor (VCC), a vet tech who has training in cannabis and who can help you evaluate products based on your dog’s medical history. To locate a VCC, visit

When selecting a hemp extract oil treat for your dog, you should always purchase one from a company that provides a certificate of analysis (CoA), which tells you what the product has been tested for and what’s in it, says ReAnna Cornell, L.V.T., Michigan-based senior VCC for Veterinary Cannabis’ Consultation Service. That CoA should have a batch or lot number on it and list the total cannabinoids in that product.

Cornell also cautions against falling for marketing buzz words like “organic” (who knows what’s organic in that product?); anything that says it’s “phytocannabinoid-rich” (which it should be anyway since cannabis is a plant); and products that say they’re derived from seeds or stalks (those parts don’t contain cannabinoids). Also, check the ingredients for flavorings, which could include harmful things like xylitol and carrier oils that your pet may have an allergy to.

Below are examples of some of the hemp extract oil treats for dogs along with tinctures that are highly rated products from reputable brands that show Coas on their websites. Note that none of these have been vetted by professionals. Find out why one dog owner is convinced hemp extract oil helped her furry friend live longer.

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