Health Benefits of Terpenes

Terpenes and their benefits.

In the last decades THC and hemp extract oil have been the start of the market, but lately terpenes are rapidly becoming more and more important than to the discoveries related to how these compounds synergistically work together (hemp extract oil, THC and Terpene profiles) to provide unique, comprehensive action targeting common ailments such as: euphoria, joint pain, and headaches, etc.

In herbs basil, rosemary and thyme the unmistakable scent and flavour is made possible by a specific terpene. Hemp and cannabis have very complex terpene combinations that have evolved to help the plant be protected agent inspect and animals and improve the chances to survive in its own habitat

As we notice every day, the market is getting more and more focus on terpenes and the important role they play to amplify the effects produced from hemp-derived products. Unfortunately such increased interested has invited many producers to use terpenes starting from botanical sources such as basil (humulene), lavender (linalool), mangoes (myrcene) and then they are synthesized to create ‘fake’ terpene profiles, similar to the found in hemp flowers.

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