Does Hemp Extract Oil help you sleep at night?

We all have sleepless nights from time-to-time. Some of us toss and turn the night before a big presentation while others find themselves staring at the ceiling for hours all-too-frequently.

Unfortunately for many of us, sleeping pills make us groggy and the prospect of prescription medicine doesn’t sit well. Using supplements like melatonin help to a certain degree, but they often aren’t enough.

For many occasional insomnia sufferers, this is a frustrating reality. 

So, is hemp extract oil the answer to your sleepless nights? The quick answer is, well, maybe—but before we draw a conclusion, let’s break things down a bit first.

What is Hemp Extract Oil?

Hemp extract oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid found within the hemp and cannabis plants. Unlike another commonly known cannabinoid, THC hemp extract oil is non-psychoactive—it won’t get you high.

You may have seen hemp extract oil tinctures or wellness products in retail or specialty stores. People take it for all sorts of reasons but especially for managing life stress and after workout aches. Basically, people take it because it calms their mind and body.

What is the circadian rhythm?

We each have an internal clock that responds to light, dark, and environmental factors. In the old days before electricity, we would rise and sleep with the sun. Unfortunately, we’re now often burning the midnight oil while staring into blue-light emitting screens.

Artificial light, especially from screens, confuses our bodies. We don’t know when it is day or night anymore! And if we don’t know when it is night, our bodies don’t know when to release our sleep hormone, melatonin.

This leads to us being restless when we lay down to sleep.

Many people turn to hemp extract oil for help with this because it is so relaxing. While it isn’t sedative like a sleep pill, it can help chill your mind out and let you reach a state of restful relaxation faster.

Best ways to take hemp extract oil for sleep

Most people take hemp extract oil for sleep use gummies or a hemp extract oil tincture. Both of these are excellent ways to take hemp extract oil, though in general hemp extract oil tinctures are more effective.

However, you choose, hemp extract oil can be an excellent addition to your sleep health. 

When you’re struggling to sleep, remember that no remedy alone will fix the issue. If you are suffering from insomnia, try putting your computer and phone in night mode, wearing blue light blocking glasses, and keeping screens out of the bedroom.

Remember, your sleep schedule is an important part of your overall health. While hemp extract oil can certainly give you a relaxation boost, just like other sleep aids, it isn’t a cure for sleeplessness.

If your sleep issues continue, be sure to consult with your doctor.

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