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health benefit of terpenes

Terpenes Can Improve Your Health

Terpenes are the aromatic oils found in not only hemp, but many herbs and edible plants. Their distinct smells create the scent and flavor profiles of hemp flower, as well as lend health properties of their own.

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What is Hemp?

How hemp, and its extracts, is different from other natural remedies Hemp comes from the plant genus Cannabis and was traditionally grown for industrial and nutritional use.

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Hemp Extracts: Tinctures

Hemp Extract Tincture contains Hemp extract oil and is a blend of hemp extract oil and MCT oil. It’s one of the most common ways people take hemp extracts and with good reason–it has high bioavailability, is simple to consume, and is easy to transport.

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Hemp Extracts and Cats

Hemp Oil for Anxiety in Cats Everyone who owns a pet has soon learned that it’s not easy to help them coping with anxiety and stress. First

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