Benefits of Hemp Extract Oil Tea for Your Body and Mind

People have been using both herbal and hemp tea for thousands of years to boost their health, mood, and overall relaxation levels. In recent years cannabidiol is gaining popularity due to its therapeutic effect.

Both hemp and marijuana plants produce cannabidiol. Marijuana-derived cannabidiol will usually feature a high THC content, the chemical that gets you high, whereas hemp-derived cannabidiol is very low on it, making it able to provide similar health effects to the marijuana plant but not affecting normal cognition. Cannabidiol is one of the numerous chemicals that are extracted from the cannabis plant and has a variety of benefits for its users.

There is also rising interest in the combination of cannabidiol with other everyday products like coffee, energy drinks, and water. Recent studies have shown that hemp extract oil tea is the most powerful combination suggesting that relieves anxiety, improves sleep, and alleviates nausea

Hemp Extract Oil tea is an infusion of crushed leaves, seeds, and hemp flowers blended with other beneficial herbs and steeped in hot water. When soaked in hot water the raw plant cannabinoids are released. Since cannabinoids are fat-soluble, consider adding a small amount of almond or regular milk to help the hemp extract oil be absorbed in our body faster. Read on to find out about all of the benefits hemp extract oil tea has to offer to the regular tea drinker.

Hemp Extract Oil Tea Fights Anxiety

The meditative and calming effects of consuming tea are unparalleled. People have enjoyed this morning or evening ritual since forever. Some herbs like chamomile and hibiscus have unique calming properties that add to the overall relaxation and help the body to maintain normal and balanced bodily functioning. Chamomile and hibiscus together with cannabinoids are useful in lowering chronic or occasional stress. They also keep the mind calm.

Despite helping in regulating mood and stress by affecting brain receptors for serotonin it can also regulate social behavior. In a study done on participants with social anxiety disorder, half were given 400 mg of hemp extract oil and half were given a placebo. The results from this study show that the group that received hemp extract oil experienced reduced anxiety levels overall. Other research show that hemp extract oil might help people who are coping with symptoms from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hemp Extract Oil Improves the Quality of Sleep

Consuming hemp extract oil tea can help those who suffer from insomnia by addressing stress as a common cause. This leads to a calmer body and mind. Experts suggest that mixtures of cannabinoids and herbal plants like, chamomile, lavender, or peppermint have benefits in the overall quality of sleep. Some doctors even recommend mixtures that include ingredients like valerian and melatonin.

In a recent US-based survey, 10 percent of the American population reported an improved sleep cycle after consuming hemp extract oil. Several other types of research show that hemp-derived hemp extract oil reduces REM sleep disorders. It improves sleep, fights insomnia and all symptoms associated with it. The mechanism behind it is that hemp extract oil targets the receptors in the brain that are responsible for supervising our body’s Circadian rhythm. 

Supporting Digestive Health

The tea in general is excellent for an upset stomach. Some types of tea, like peppermint,  ginger, and licorice are famous as natural remedies for abdominal pain. They have been used for centuries. The ginger tea, despite the immune-boosting effect, is also used as a natural remedy for stomach aches in both children and adults. For the feeling of upset stomach and cramps, peppermint tea is very effective.

The combination of hemp extract oil with herbs that are stomach-soothing provides relief from heavy and spicy food that is hard to digest. It helps healthy digestion, alleviates bloating, gas, and gastrointestinal irritation. This combination also offers comfort and relaxation from abdominal muscle cramps. Research has shown that hemp extract oil helps people who suffer from nausea and vomiting due to medications and chemotherapy by interacting with serotonin-releasing receptors in the brain which intercept the transmission of pain signals leading to a soothed tummy. Don’t hesitate to make yourself a cup of hemp extract oil tea when you start feeling a little gassy in your stomach.

Hemp Extract Oil Tea Assists in Reducing the Inflammation

Inflammation is the process when damaging stimuli are attacking the body and the body responds.  It is a body process in which our white cells fight off infection. While inflammation is good in the short term, a chronic one can cause several complications in the human body. It can lead to many conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. What is very interesting and a lot of new research advocate is that cannabinoids are the new generation of anti-inflammatory agents.

The chemical compounds in hemp extract oil tea work as a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps many people who suffer from particular inflammatory conditions as a natural treatment. So, hemp extract oil and its benefits will stay in focus when it comes to inflammation.

CBD Tea Can Boost Heart Health

The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp extract oil tea can enhance heart health. It is also known to alleviate high blood pressure. But hemp extract oil is not the only component that helps, there are other antioxidative properties within this drink that aid in combating free radicals in the body.

The natural process of oxidation produces free radicals in the body. They are unpaired and unstable electrons that are responsible for“oxidative stress.” This process can be damaging for the organ cells and increases the risk of several chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease. The antioxidants in hemp extract oil tea are reducing these risks. 


There are too many health benefits from hemp extract oil tea to list them all. It is noted that it helps with sleeping and anxiety problems, reduces chronic pain, and treats heart and digestive system problems.

Even if your health is perfect, a cup of hemp extract oil tea on a regular basis lead to relaxation and calmness of both body and mind. A mixture of hemp extract oil and healthy herbs in your relaxing everyday tea routine will give you valuable nutrition that your body craves for staying in healthy shape.

(Source: the leaf online)

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