How we make a difference

I started this company because I believe in the power of hemp. Hemp Extracts can make people's life better: alleviate pain, reduce stress and improve happiness.
I am confident I can change the world, one CBD oil drop at a time...

Jeff Brinkoff

Our Story

We believe in the power of hemp.
We directly oversee every part of the process, from selecting our hemp genetics to hand-tending our fields, carefully harvesting the flower, and handcrafting our products.
We’re proud experts in our field and have created a community of passionate hemp users, driven by approachable information and genuine care.

Our Mission

Our mission is outlined in the Roots of our foundation: demystifying hemp through an approachable process.
We believe in a holistic family approach to general wellness.
Our full line of tinctures, gummies, topicals, smokables and hemp flower to better serve anyone in need from beginners to seasoned users.

Hemp flowers organically grown

Our Quality

Premium hemp starts with an understanding and specific selection of plant genetics. With careful curation using top genetic companies across the nation, we only select varieties that deliver robust cannabinoid profiles high in beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Our Safe Process

In the fall, our dedicated workers harvest our hemp by hand to protect the delicate trichomes and cannabinoids. Our hemp is hung to slowly air dry and cure before use.

Thoughts from our Customers...