A mission in the Making

At Marvel Roots we are dedicated to helping families take ownership of their health naturally.

Our founder began his career as the founder of the largest private-label gourmet spice company in the nation. Over the years, his fascination with herbs and spices only deepened as he learned more about their medicinal properties.

Flavonoids, terpenes, and yes—even cannabinoids—have been used in natural medicine to nourish our bodies for thousands of years and as his knowledge grew, he turned his attention to not only to hemp, but other beneficial plants.

While Pharmaceutical companies have come up with treatment after treatment in several different fields, they are often at high costs with dangerous or addictive side effects. 

Marvel Roots was founded with a simple goal: to be transparent with our customer, while offering safe, natural, alternatives as a first step in gaining control of their health.

Our Philosophy

The healthiest diets come from eating plants, and proteins, that are closest to nature. At Marvel Roots, we think the same about wellness. We strive in keeping our process as close to nature as possible. Through high quality products and educational support, we are dedicated in helping families live life naturally

Organic grown hemp
Hemp flower

Added Value

At Marvel Roots we've teamed up with industry experts to deliver the most advanced discoveries in natural medicine. We never compromise the safety in our product and the transparency in our process.


The Process

Organic growing hemp

Quality comes from genuine care

We don’t just sell hemp extracts, topicals and ingestibles—we make them ourselves. The hemp flower used in many of our products was grown on our own farm and carefully tended to by hand using only organic farming practices. We stand behind the quality of our products because we not only use them, we created them. Plant-based medicine from a natural source, that’s the Marvel Roots guarantee.

Transparency is the first step toward trust

Every product from Marvel Roots is tested for safety and content by a third party. This ensures that every tincture, topical and gummy from our facility is free of heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides. We provide a Certificate of Analysis for every product, so you know the exact contents of the plant-based medicine you share with your family.